By the time this article is published, we will be 29 days into a lockdown state, and it’s hard to really know what the world will look like at that point. Like will Zoom have MOVING backgrounds or would we have found out that this is the latest edition of Netflix’s Black Mirror Series.

With this much uncertainty hanging around, it’s always good to focus on things that offer us a sense of stability. Clarity. Comfort. Things that make us feel like ourselves.
Things that remind us of the nights we spent with our friends, paying for Uber surges, but doing it in style.
With this much uncertainty hanging around, it’s always good to remember that despite it all, Drip is Forever.
And with that “brief” introduction, The Stylista Presents its Drip is Forever theme for April.

Aptly influenced by the unimaginable current-state-of-affairs, we decided to make it our mission to find one of the most influential trends to date. Now, you might think that this is just a simple Google away. But we’ll have you know that the only “real” article on this topic, which counts the trends decade by decade, proclaims that the most influential trend was the corset, used as early on as 1910 to make out busts seem larger and our waists look smaller. Sounds like something Kim Kardashian would have invented, if it hadn’t already existed. And then of course, the corset evolved in to the modern bralette. Wired or not. Cushioned or loose. Sporty or Lacey. It became a trend that catapulted careers of designers and models alike. And while it is most definitely influential, it is “technically” considered under wear… and isn’t the focus “The Most Influential Fashion Trend”?

We realize that this is going to require a fair amount of research.

After falling down the rabbit holes of …

  • The Bell-Bottom (which of course transformed into what we call the “Culottes”)
  • The High-waisted jean (which has basically been a staple, no matter the generation) and,
  • Then cruising past the old high heel which has inspired platforms, boots and even converse sneakers

… we decided this answer is very subjective.

And we decided that we would be about what WE (the one person writing this) believe the most influential team to be!
And we’ve found enough evidence to satisfy ourselves that it is in fact the Slip Dress.

Hear us out…
Just like a bad coif is to Donald Trump, bedazzled jackets are to Tiger King (sidebar: This is Bingeworthy on Netflix during LockDown), and controversy is to Ricky Gervais, the Slip Dress has become a staple in modern wardrobes time and time again.

Here are some of the first times The Slip was worn out and about…

Would this even be a fashion feature if we didn’t reference Moss once?
A timeless fashion icon, despite all those ciggies, Kate wears this see-through slip (very Rocking the Daisies of her). 

Before WILL was the only thing she could shout into the great abyss, Winona Rider sported this velvet purple number to a movie premier in 1993.

And who could forget the fact that 1) Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Pitt DATED and 2) she wore this sparkly slip back in 1996, long before she made scented vagina candles. 

But before this post turns into a feature of white 90s IT girls, here are some more relevant celebs donning the Slip Dress trend in recent times, proving our claim that the Slip Dress is as timeless as Jane Fonds and will be relevant after lockdown and beyond…

Other endorsees of the Slip include:

Our favourite bad girl – Rihanna.

A pre-Lemonade Beyonce in Robeto Cavalli.

And a baby-faced Zendaya wearing, perhaps our favourite Slip of all time back in 2017

We hope this article helped kill a good 15 mins of your lockdown time, but with all this delving through history, it’s time to wash your hands again.