27 Boxes in Melville is always a fun space to hang out. So, when we heard that the founder of Night in the Garden, Lebo Mashigo had organised a little Wardrobe sale, we instantly knew we had to go check it out! This event was the perfect excuse to invite one of our favourite fashion stars to join us for a fun day out. Of course, we’re talking about the incredible @andile_biyana! Hanging out with her for the day was wonderful from start to finish!

We arrived at the event and were immediately greeted by a beautiful sunny day. Ideal conditions for a spot of afternoon shopping – we had no idea we were in for such a treat!

The clothing on offer did not disappoint and the event was obviously a huge success. The drinks were flowing, and it was clear from the start that we couldn’t have chosen a better person to share the day with. Andile was in her element the whole time, casually brushing shoulders with some of the best and brightest in Joburg. Our girl fit right in, even stealing the show with her fun attitude and easy confidence.

Everyone knows you should carefully plan your look for fashion focussed events. Planning is everything if you want to look the part! Andile is exceptional at this. She went for something simple and then took it to a completely new level with a collection of fun accessories and carefully selected extras. Her overall look featured a simple black dress that was then layered with a boyish button up – a perfectly balanced mix of masculine and feminine style. The understated dress and shirt combo was then elevated with a bold statement necklace, choker and matching earrings.

The look was then taken to even greater heights with a bold and functional blue hand bag. Perfect for holding everything one needs for a long day of shopping! What really set the look apart were Andile’s footwear; ankle high, animal print, eye catching, conversation starters, everyone agreed they were a huge hit! Finally, everything was topped off neatly with a wonderfully vintage styled hat that protected our friend from the harsh rays of the afternoon sun.

We hooked Andile up with a little something that everyone could agree was perfect for the day out. Everything came together and at the end of it all Andile was happy and grateful that she could Get The Look with a little help from TFG.



Black bucket hat – Foschini
Leopard print ankle boots – Foschini
Leopard / gold print necklace- Foschini
Maroon checkered shirt – Markham
Gold hoop earrings- Colette
Leopard choker -Colette
Green handbag – Colette