The one and only Mzee Mbuli (@robot_boii) was generous enough to let us hang out with him and pick his brain on style and fashion for a day, what a guy! Instantly charmed by his many talents, humble nature and effortless humour, Mzee was happy to give us his time and we took full advantage. Together we hit up the Africa Day Groove event being held at the Soweto Theatre to soak up some knowledge and celebrate Africa’s unique spirit and creativity. Mzee needed some killer threads to attend the event in so we hooked him up with the help of TFG Rewards and Get The Look!

While choosing the perfect outfit, Mzee enlightened us to his way of thinking about fashion. He described his thoughts on first impressions and the importance of a good statement piece to encourage conversation and break the ice. After some time, Mzee settled for a fantastic combination of casual skinny ripped jeans with a sharp-cut formal jacket from Markham. His style choice favouring clean straight lines and a sharp silhouette over bright colours and textures. Small red details outlined his outfit choice, adding another layer of interest. Altogether, his somewhat understated look allowed for the amazing African fashion at the event to take center stage. He looked great in his semi-formal threads, giving us all a lesson in how to make monotones cool.

Laughing all the way to the event, funny guy Mzee’s simple style didn’t stop him from turning heads and generally getting attention when we arrived. The afternoon was spent watching and learning from fellow music lovers, artists and lovers of our beautiful continent through a celebration of different cultures, languages and styles.

Being a huge fan of the Converse brand, Nondy seemed to be right at home in her look and at the event. She wasn’t shy telling us how she felt to be mingling with her new sneaker community. She explained she was “happy to see familiar faces and get to know what inspires their style and how they pair up their converse sneakers.” What a lovely day out thanks to TFG Rewards for helping Nondy Get The Look!

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