Larona Moagi (@larona_moagi_) is the gorgeous, multi-talented, law-degree-holding actress everyone is talking about right now, and for good reason! We were fortunate enough to hang out with her for the 13th annual Back to the City Festival which took place on Freedom Day in Newtown this April. Our time together started in her space before the event where she was getting herself ready with the help of TFG and Get The Look.

Our lovely Larona’s vibrant personality lit up her space as she walked us through her style choices for the evening ahead. “The aim is to slay”, she told us with one of her show-stopping smiles as she worked out the perfect look that would show off her killer curves and compliment her mostly minimalist style. We couldn’t help but get caught up in her fun-loving, positive energy and thought she chose the perfect, sophisticated-yet-fun outfit to slay the event in.

The outfit for the night included a wonderfully cheeky little grey textured dress from The FIX with a plunging neckline and figure-hugging form. The dress was expertly paired with a beautiful beige coat and killer high-heeled boots from Foschini, accented with fun, white striped socks. Finally, the look was completed with a stylish leather bag that tied at the waist and delicate silver jewelry for some added sparkle.

Larona explained her reasoning behind choosing a more muted colour palette, suggesting that she prefers not to play with bright colours and instead loves to experiment with more minimalist looks. This girl doesn’t need bright colours to shine – she’s vibrant enough even without the extra pop! After the styling session we headed off to the main event, Larona leading the way with all her contagious energy. She arrived in Newtown serving up her dazzling look, and went on to turn heads and make a scene simply by looking too good.

Back to the City is all about showcasing what South African hip hop has to offer and we took full advantage of the opportunity, interviewing anyone who is anyone and generally enjoying the vibe. The rest of the night was a blur of great hip hop music and shoulder brushing with local music industry greats. Larona’s brilliant enthusiasm made our night as much as she says TFG and Get the Look made hers.