Nondumiso Fatyela, aka @TheMarchWolf, shares her experience of Beauty Revolution with us!

We can finally add a beauty festival to SA’s annual list of exciting events to attend.

To brief anyone who doesn’t know what it is, Beauty Revolution is a festival for beauty enthusiasts and brands to gather, share knowledge, and celebrate their love of all things makeup, haircare, and skincare, complete with over-the-top instagram bait booths – a whole vibe! It all started with the goal of breaking down beauty standards to reshape them for better inclusivity.

I spent so many hours walking, vlogging, taking selfies and making sure I captured everything that I possibly could, while wearing heels of course, because fashion. Nothing could stop me from making sure that I got the full beauty revolution experience. Get ready for some highlights!

Gosh Cosmetics

Gosh is a makeup brand from Copenhagen. They were definitely the festival’s best bargain booth. The deal on offer: pick 5 makeup items for R695, saving you R405 – insane, right? They also had competitions, like the one for capturing your best pout using the brand’s lippies at their ‘kissing booth.’

Power talks

Hosted by Thando Hopa, the power talks were panel discussions on thought-provoking topics with women who have changed social narratives in beauty like Boitumelo Rametsi, Shashi Naidoo, Leanne Dlamini, Thickleeyonce and Zanele Kumalo. There were discussions on things like living with purpose and standing up against the idea of identity being treated like a trend.


If you’re obsessed with skincare, Luxe Loft is your go to online store for Korean skincare. They offer Korean makeup too, but we’ll focus this more on those obsessed with achieving ‘glass skin.’ I bought facial masks that focus on moisture and hydration, since we’ve just entered the often drying autumn/winter season.

Portraits by Justin Dingwall

Being a huge fan of this man’s work, I was excited to see the Justin Dingwall photo series’ A Seat at the Table and Fly By Night on display at the festival. His work is so crisp and precise, and it questions how we should perceive the reality of beauty.

Familiar Faces

Strolling from aisle to aisle, I spotted some of my favourite beauty enthusiasts & influencers: Rushana Isaacs, Tina Prokas, Kwena Baloyi, Marco Louis, and even my doppelgänger Takkies!

Rushana Isaacs @rushanaisaacs

Tina Prokas @styledbydestination

Takkies @takkies7

Kwena Baloi @kwenasays

Marco Louis @marco_louis

Beauty Revolution was so amazing that I forgot to grab my VIP box – *sigh* – but I still got a few goodies and pictures at almost every single stand. Just check out my Instagram. Craving all of the vibes from that awesome weekend, and I can’t wait to experience it again.