How lucky are we? Very recently, we got to spend some more time with one of our favourites, Nondy (@themarchwolf). We heard that she had teamed up with TFG Rewards to Get The Look and we simply had to meet up with her to see the fabulous results.

Our girl Nondy had somewhere exclusive to be and was gracious enough to let us tag along and be part of a very special event happening at 27 Boxes Melville. Converse X, the global converse community, was there to give some lucky kids some trendy shoes and invite them to join their private social media group and collaborate with the brand. Our lovely Nondy was among the lucky few to get a pair of personalized kicks and had a great time picking the brains of the fellow event attendees too. She explained that her favourite question to ask everyone was, “high-tops or low-cut” and noted on how it’s so amazing to know that people take note of the type of shoe they buy as it sets out their mood for what they would like to wear on that day.

After the initial excitement of the sneaker drop the event mellowed out and we had a moment to catch our breath and take a closer look at what Nondy had decided to wear for the day. Naturally, Nondy was all dressed up and looking magnificent with a little help from TFG. Her look was a wonderfully cosy celebration of autumn colours and bright pops of red, exactly the thing we’ve come to expect from this daring bombshell. Her dress whimsically combined casual hoodie elements with much more traditionally formal office textures. The bright red accent pieces she chose really stole the show too, there really wasn’t anything not to love about this look!

Being a huge fan of the Converse brand, Nondy seemed to be right at home in her look and at the event. She wasn’t shy telling us how she felt to be mingling with her new sneaker community. She explained she was “happy to see familiar faces and get to know what inspires their style and how they pair up their converse sneakers.” What a lovely day out thanks to TFG Rewards for helping Nondy Get The Look!