Okay guys. Big news. Big. HUGE.

Remember how H&M announced a while ago that they were looking into collaborating with South African designers? Fashion folk have quietly speculated on the nature of this collaboration for a while. Would it be a t-shirt collection with local illustrators? A dress capsule with Stefania and Shana Morland? Accessibly priced Maxhosa sweaters?

Turns out every guess we had and heard was wrong, and the truth is pleasantly surprising and even better: H&M is producing an exclusive collaborative collection, set to be sold all over SA, online, and in selected stores around the world, with the one and only Palesa Mokubung of MANTSHO.

h&m designer collaboration bule white dress palesa mokubung mantsho
H&M x Mantsho | Courtesy: H&M

We can barely wait, but it seems we’ll have to – the collection is slated for release on the 15th of August. We’re also glad to see a global brand actually making good on promises to the local market. H&M may be Swedish, but their global footprint comes with responsibility to the markets they are in, responsibility they are stepping up to on the sustainability front (with the recent declaration that all their cotton will be sustainably sourced by 2020) and now, in global design diversity too.

“Palesa is such an inspiring talent and personality. We love how she works with colour, print and silhouettes enhancing the female shape in a flattering and playful way. At H&M, we value diversity of ideas and designs and draw inspiration from across our geographical footprint and we are so excited to share this collection with our customers across the globe,” says H&M’s Pernilla Wohlfahrt, Assortment Manager for Collaborations and Special Collections.

In 15 years, Palesa has taken Mantsho to Greece, India, USA, Jamaica, Nigeria, Botswana and Senegal, and now she gets to take it even further. “This collaboration is a dream come true and I’m so excited to work with H&M,”Palesa said. “This project has been a valuable journey so far and I cannot wait to share my passion and design with fashion lovers around the world. Mantsho prides itself as a ready-to-wear brand and this exclusive collection fulfils this promise.”

The collection will include womenwear and accessories in Mantsho’s signature silhouettes and vibrant fabrics, but the pictures released today are the only hint we have of what the rest of the collection will look like. It’s doubtful that it will be the size of their annual designer collaboration, released every November, but we’re hoping for at least 25 pieces across clothing and accessories – fingers crossed!

Oh, and in case you missed it the first time we said it, the collection will be everywhere. Unlike the annual designer collab, this will be in all South African stores, as well as selected flagship stores in the USA, the UK, France, Spain, Portugal, The Netherlands, Belgium, Mexico, Chile and Israel.

Get hype & get saving – we get the feeling this is going to fly off the shelves.