If being outdoors is the perfect way to spend your long weekend, then make it memorable with TFG. Rory Tobias allowed us to catch a glimpse of his life and show us how he celebrates his long weekend outdoors with TFG.

Musician, creative and nature lover, Rory took us on an exciting adventure this long weekend, taking a break from the hustle and bustle of his daily routine.

It’s no surprise that Rory enjoys being active and pushing his body. He loves meeting up with friends and shooting hoops outdoors whenever he gets some extra time off. Physical activity is a great way to let off some steam and get in some serious bonding time; Rory is also an expert at looking good at the same time!

After meeting with friends, Rory let us see how he chooses to spend his personal time. Being a nature lover at heart, Rory likes to explore his surroundings and take a moment to breathe in the beautiful hidden gardens in his concrete jungle. When he wants to get away from it all he knows that a hike through the green patches of the city does wonders for the mood – calming nerves, lifting spirits and hitting the pause button on everything. Taking a moment to switch off, get some sun and work up a sweat does great things for the spirit. Rory was happy to give us some insight on his favourite hiking spots which include the picturesque Magaliesburg and the larger than life Northcliff hills. If he finds himself in Cape Town, he also makes sure he has a moment to hike up Lion’s Head for the incredible view.

Rory rocks his outfit while climbing natural rocks, looking good and feeling confident that he’s protected from rogue thorns and the blazing sun in his stylish threads. He told us that he never leaves for a hike without his water bottle and sunglasses! Rory always ensures to pack extra pieces of clothing into his backpack should the weather change suddenly. Being overprepared is my hiking motto. He revealed to us that a sturdy pair of hiking boots are crucial in making your hike more enjoyable, memorable and comfortable. Having the right gear can make all the difference; keeping the right balance of comfort and safety means that Rory can give his full attention to his nature trail adventure.

Rory is a natural at balancing style and sweat, keeping his body in great shape and inspiring us to get out there and live our best lives too. Luckily, you can steal his look to have your own stylish and outdoorsy weekend away with TFG!


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