As fashion design leans further and further into the seasonless approach, shopping becomes easier and easier – you don’t have to race to stores in a 6-week window just because that’s the only time you’ll be able to find a good coat, or a hot trend you really want to try.


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Shopping online makes it even better, with filtering, search, and most of the time, delivery to your door. All this makes it not just possible, but super easy to wear what’s next right now – why wait? The big four fashion weeks have just wrapped, and we’ve rounded up the hottest trends that you can shop right now, starting with leopard print.


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Expect to see leopard print everywhere, because while some trends stick to a certain item, like jeans, or a certain category, like clothing, this one knows no bounds. Leopard print is taking over shoes, bags, tops, dresses, everything. This season’s take comes in natural colourways and vibrant mixes that all pair well with black, or for the brave, with each other.

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