share what you're watching on netflix to instagram
Photo by LinkedIn Sales Navigator on Unsplash

How often do you share the music you’re listening to with friends on Instagram? If you use Spotify, probably quite a bit. Spotify’s arrival in South Africa was closely followed by the global launch of their partnership with Instagram, one that allowed users to share what they were listening to on the music streaming app directly to their Instagram stories.

It’s a fun feature, useful even, depending on how you use Instagram. It’s also successful and popular, leading Instagram to look for more partners to enable app-to-app sharing.

Up next? Netflix.

No longer will you have to scroll through Twitter to find out what shows people are watching, or squint through grainy 15-second clips of You and Greenleaf on Stories. Adweek reports that the feature has gone live this week in the USA (iOS only for now). Here’s hoping the feature goes global so we can try it out, too. Here’s what it looks like:

These partnerships are win-win: Netflix reaches more people, not just with a clickable show poster but with the trusted recommendation of someone you follow on Instagram. For Instagram, the benefit is in the engagement boost for the 400 million people who already use the Stories platform every day.

What will you be sharing?