Are you that girl who has dared to design clothing for men, as apposed to the expected norm? Well honey, let’s ring the sirens because we have NEWS FOR YOU, your unique path in fashion has paid off!

With menswear moving from out of the shadow of ladies wear, it is also exploring a more unisex approach to its evolution. SA Fashion Week, like most of us fashion forecasters, has realized the necessity of a menswear designer competition to support emerging menswear labels in their breakthrough into this competitive market. But we are more interested in the female designers, where are you, this is for you honey buns!

According to market trends, which affect all industries directly, it is already evident that Women as a general theme in society, have become the new passion point economically and socially, affecting all levels of the macro and micro realities we exist in together.

Even the discipline of Astrology stressed that we are in the age of the Water Carrier (Acquires) – dubbed the era in history of mankind evolution, which will see the unity of the energy of the Feminine Devine unifying with the energy off the Masculine Devine, to achieve perfect balance in this New Age we live in. Fashion is already showing this inevitable shift through menswear dimensional drift.

Delivering world class sophistication, the winner of the Scouting Menswear will receive mentorship and business support valued at R100 000, which include:

1.Showcasing their Spring/Summer 2019 collection at SA Fashion Week [SAFW] in April 2019 and their Autumn/Winter 2020 collection at SAFW in October 2019.

2.A stand at the SAFW Designer Pop Up Shop in August 2019 (budget dependent).

3.Media exposure in GQ South Africa.

4.An all-expenses paid trip to Pitti Immagine Uomo in Florence, Italy, in June 2019.

So there you have it lovers! Go out there, tell your boyfriends and all your girlfriends about this, 2019 is going to be a year of benevolent change, so take this CHANCE right on!

For the Scouting Menswear in Association with GQ Magazine 2019, an opportunity for menswear designers to launch their brands and take their careers to the next level. We must stress though, we are rooting for you young lass, so take these news and make something out of them.

It’s time for change baby girl, let your #EternalStyle live through your dreams!