If you have not heard of the amazing New Age creative genius – delectable brother and sisters: Kokone, Manthe and Tebogo Ribane, then we are here to switch those lights back on doll.

No more of that Trevor Noah, Nakhane Toure,Charliez Theron nor Candice Swanepoel “could  – have – should – have believed in them more” regrets, let’s learn to embrace our stars before they break into global markets.


Just a quick intro, still fresh to the world of business, the Dear Ribane Collective sensation, owns a self-titled conceptual performance consultation and production company, which has introduced new trade standards in the business pop culture. What’s exciting is that the trio’s futuristic creative edge has evidently earned them a growing international audience in Amsterdam, the Liberty London Festival, Cointreau #DreamDareCreate as well as the Norient Musik and the Film Festival of Switzerland.

To further add to their career accolades, the Ribane performing arts Collective has also worked on international campaigns with Kenzo, CHANEL #TheFifthSense No.4, ID magazine, iPhone7, Nike, Carhartt UK, EDUN, and RedBull.


Other than snatching a once in a lifetime opportunity to shine at Nelson Mandela’s 80th Celebration,how did they make it big so quickly? It’s simple, over the years, the Collective have since re-invented their famed performances, by now including strong and timeless narratives, which are then translated into conceptual editorials, set designs, innovative clothing designs, and out of the ordinary theatrical performances.

Now for the scoop, during one of the biggest @safashionweek showcases, curated for their client: BlackCoffee,in celebration of 20 years of the clothing brand being in business – we had a chat with these Creative Director extraudinaires about their consultancy.
Just to add more to your fashion facts, while at the BlackCoffee 20 year celebration showcase, fashion guru @FelipeMazibuko confirmed to us, that he had been attending SA Fashion for 20 years in a row.
Let’s face it, Felipe, who’m the Ribane’s absolutely adore, is a living fashion library, for two decades Mr Mazibuko single handedly watched the Black Coffee clothing brand evolve and expand into what it is today.Now that’s how you serve your honorary 10 000 hours for Fashion Royalty, so get going with your passions already and don’t forget to strive for excellence and #EternalStyle while you at it. Enjoy the interview with the Collective, it is all for you.