Culture Conversations Ep.1

Now for those of you in the know, The FIX is undoubtedly you and your besties fave fashion brand! We keep it trending, we bring the fire 🔥 and we always throw in that extra bit of spice. So that you can bring the flames to your jol, your grind and most importantly your insta page, because truthfully, we live for the likes don’t we babes?

But it’s not just the likes, The FIX loves the culture which is why we’re bringing you Culture Conversions, a new mini-series where we throw the influencers, musicians, fashionistas and all the brilliance we can find into one of our fave local hotspots & get the conversations rolling! First up we have the undeniably exceptional Zoe Modiga & Moonchild Sanelly! These talented, drop dead gorgeous divas give us a taste of their go to dance moves and an insight into their creative processes, while slaying The FIX of coz. 😉

We know you never wanna skip a beat, so tune in & check out each sassy session we’ve got lined up for you. We’ll be partnering with a new creative and a new hotspot on the reg to talk about everything music, fashion, dance and probably more than we bargained for, but we love it!