Summer Ready with Takkies


Summer Ready with Takkies

I am super woman, yup you heard it right! I’ve figured a way to juggle home life, work, being an entrepreneur, being a mom and on top of all that, working out. Because I am a mom first, time is very precious, therefore I have decided that home workouts work better for Sana and me. She who loves being outdoors with her toys, feeling the grass between her toes and hearing the birds chirping.  My golden rule is making sure I maximize the time I spend time with my family while working out and making sure my business is functional.

I believe working out with your kids is good, you teach them how to take care of themselves in mind, body and soul. Working out also comes with purchasing the right gear for yourself. Now that we’re on this topic of getting the right gear, I recently went shopping at Totalsports for my new summer looks and the first thing I noticed was all the colourful fitness gear which I love because it brings an element of fun to my home workout routines.  Sana loves and enjoys colourful, vibrant and bright objects, which is an easy way to get her attention. Another benefit of wearing colourful vibrant fitness gear is that I teach Sana the different colours on my gear as well as the different patterns and shapes. Who would have thought that working out would turn into a fun outdoor lesson for Sana as well.

The ladies will get this one, a well-fitted sports bra with great support is absolutely essential if you’re planning on doing high-impact exercises. Totalsports’ wide range of sport bras are comfortable which is important as I am still breastfeeding.

Totalsports really spoils us with their awesome versatility and various outfit choices. Shopping for tights is always challenging for me as I prefer high-waisted tights because I love how they shape my body. Totalsports has a variety of them which was so great for me, as I was able to find high-waisted tights easily. Their range includes expandable fabrics such as spandex or lycra which is perfect for workouts and provide motion and stretching. I personally prefer spandex fabric because the fit is great,  it’s easier to clean and Sana can’t pull or tug on them while I’m working out.

My overall experience of being a customer in Totalsports was enjoyable and fun, my go-to for all my fitness needs. A good vibe, friendly staff and awesome tunes saw me dancing all the way to the till and out the shop with an amazing experience at Totalsports

Puma tights – Totalsports

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Orange Nike sports bra – Totalsports

Colour block crop top – Totalsports

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Colour block tights – Totalsports

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Training gloves – Totalsports

Towel – Totalsports

Skipping rope – Totalsports

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