We are obsessed with Nadia Nakai‘s online reality show – PURE ENTERTAINMENT! What do you think?

Typical to her relentless drive and winning spirit, Miss Nakai is determined to break new boundaries locally and internationally.

It’s clear to see that the Nadia brand is not just about hot bars, a great body and unbelievable looks! Other than her fun take on red carpet reporting at the European MTV EMA’s takeover, she came back home to add to her 2018 career highlights with a Sportscene Redbat collaboration announcement like no other.

For us, the sauce is in finding out what this Redbat collaboration really entails to make sure that our girl is flourishing an laughing all the way to the bank as we break into 2019.

So we took the fish to ask here a few major questions …

What does the Redbat collaboration really mean for the Nadia Nakai brand from a business point of view?

“This is a 2 drop deal that will take my love for fashion to new heights and hopefully inspire my fans! Be part of something special!! The collaboration with Sportscene is an amazing fashion line with Redbat and we’ve been working on my range for a YEAR, to bring you something that is a first for the game. Go out and cop!” Said Nadia Nakai, she is clearly making a lot of money out there, never mind the gigging …

What does the Redbat fashion range have in store for us? What should we look forward to?

“The line comprises of over 15 items including accessories (bags and belts), focussing mainly on the female clientele, there are a few items for the guys too.”

Redbat has never collaborated with a woman before, how do you feel about stepping into this role?

“It’s not a first for women, it’s a first for the game. People are going to tell you that you aren’t good enough; your hair is not yours; you are over/underdressed; you are too skinny/ too thick. They are going to tell you don’t deserve it. Whatever they tell you woman, DON’T STOP. This is not a breakthrough. It’s not a first for women, it’s a first for the game.”

By the way, we do a have a serious scoop coming soon, as young sit down video exclusively for you is coming soon with Nadia, word has it she is currently shooting a movie, we may be bringing you some sauce from her on that, stay tuned to our #EternalStyle diaries.