Fashion is never really in one place, it is constantly taking on different shapes and colours, depending on the human consciousness it serves! It pretty much tells the story of the various phases we go through with human evolution.

So considering that we are headed towards 2019 and will soon be 2020, we figured let us go into the streets and really have a look at what is popping this summer in terms of lifestyle and fashion trends.

But to make sure that we are not just living in our own heads, we went to do some research amongst our favourite tv and radio faces, this is how they are getting ready for summer :

  1. Wearing dresses with cute sneakers instead of flats
  2. No hand bags please –  backpacks instead of shoulder bags to work
  3. Keep it simple by wearing plain t-shirts with culotte pants
  4. Roomier cuffed shorts for women, this is a MUST HAVE
  5. Block heels instead of traditional stilettos, better not be nine inching out here, it’s time for the 80’s swag to drip please ….


Let us not forget to accommodate our fabulous gents, what is summer without a cute male to look at?

We got artist Tia Morgan, who is set to release a couple of hot debut summer tracks this season, to take some items from an Old Khaki showroom and drape himself in key items, that are needed by gents this Summer:

We had to grade him according to 5 fashion trends, that are what your man should be pulling out of his claw-set – we must say, some of these are NOT a brainer, what do you think ?

  1. Vertical Stripes are apparently a summer institution this year …
  2. Tonal Dressing, your man is either wearing multiple shades of the same colour at once (think lemon, buttercup and saffron), or sporting the same hue top to toe
  3. Side-Stripe Trousers … Need we say more ?
  4. Dad Denim, does our model not look like a piece of chocolate in those jeans ?
  5. Tropical Print Shirts, need we say more, pay attention to that middle frame – we need a beach in Johannesburg dolls …

And now for the treat we have all been waiting for …. Just CLICK PLAY and enjoy!

That’s it from us here at Stylista, we are so eager to be bringing you all that fashion yes and no’s at the Guess Summer 2018 Fashion Show courtesy of On Point PR. Always remember that You have #EternalStyle!