He founded Orchards on 25 in 2017 and has since taken the communications industry by storm. The consultancy has won over BIG BRANDS like KFC, AB InBev has awarded the business with major brands to take care of, one of them being the premium beer Budweiser – nice retainers going on there … Jay’s consultancy was also heavily involved in Obama’s Centenary Lecture, offering his highly demanded Public Relations and will continue to see us boil up with jealousy – why?

You don’t know who this man is – a young reminder,  CEO of Orchards on 25 and TV reality star ?

Didn’t ring a bell? Well then darling, let’s drag out of that rock you have been living under …

Some background … Jay Badza studied a BBA in Marketing Management with IMM, he then worked for Meropa Communications, one of South Africa’s biggest PR Agencies. His time at DNA Brand Architects saw him take on two roles; Business Director and Business to TV personality Bonang Matheba.

Orchards on 25 is also said to be heavily involved in the Global Citizen Festival, WE ARE SO STRESSED, because we want those tickets for ourselves and YOU the reader.

Maybe this profile will help us buy face …. All this success took him a year and just a few months with a healthy team of employees growing, we has a chat with him and asked him a few question on how to he built his business run so efficient in just over a year.

“Orchards On 25” – very out of the ordinary, tell us more …

In a nutshell Orchard On 25 is just a bunch of talented youngsters all under 35, who build brands for a living. Flowers are representative of love and new beginnings, which is what  the business is here to offer – new ideas and new ways of doing things.

The business takes care of a lot of cool brands, one of them being,  premium beer Budweiser- what exactly do you do for the brand?

We get the opportunity to develop and bring unique concepts to life for the brand and right now, our most favourite is the Blood Hotel Experience, which will become South Africa’s biggest and dopest Halloween Party.

Budweiser is bringing something massive called Blood Hotel, which is the 1st in SA – tell us more about this ?

The experience is just going to be out of this world, a play of  on the local horror stories and the alter egos that we all individually love and want to represent everyday but never get to because real life

The influencer and celebrity space is growing in leaps and bounds how do you as a business tap into that ?

Our team is obsessed with trends and popular culture, so we are able to tap into real life Social Media insights and use them to build our campaigns. Our most successful campaigns come from ideas or conversations driven by people online

Where do you see the business of Influencer Marketing taking us as an industry – does it serve the #OpenUpTheIndustry struggle ?

The beauty of Social Media is that is has democratized marketing and advertising, today anyone with a platform and a point of view can run and drive a campaign. So the growth of influencer marketing has allowed young creative who didn’t have access to corporate boardrooms to contribute to the marketing landscape and boy has this opened up the industry …

What are the top 3 life lessons you have learned from running Orchards On 25

Wow I have learnt some incredible lessons as an entrepreneur:

It takes a team to build a business, I have the most amazing team, which works so hard to deliver value to our clients, and I am nothing without them

Business is about delivering value and thinking differently, anyone with a Macbook and an Iphone can calls themselves an entrepreneur but the successful ones are the ones delivering value for clients

I have also learnt the importance of networking across, a lot of opportunities come from peers in the industry, so it’s important to not only network up, but to also network across.

Business is very lonely; one has to surround themselves with incredible mentors and friends who have been on this journey before, so you can learn from their mistakes and success.