Trust when we say this, we are very sure that all these ventures are turning Tebello into a multi – millionaire soon.

Ranked as one of SA’s most popular social entrepreneurs, it was no doubt that Tebello’s announcement about his partnership with Diners Club – to do a series of pop up restaurant experiences, had the online world glistening with excitement for him! Why are we making such a noise about this?

Well honey if you must know, Diners Club gives its card owners exclusive access to a ‘club’ that unites people from all around the world, who share a desire to enjoy themselves the good living .  It’s one of the best cards in the leisure market that gives access to bespoke offerings for unique Travel, Lifestyle and Entertainment needs.

Can someone say “Made it..!”

But – as you know, you don’t just make it – skill is everything! Tebello’s sharp social listening abilities have helped him identify trends before they hit the market in a big way! It is this special skill that has seen his business venture Showlove title him – in 2012, manager to top continental musician, AKA. Fast forward a few years later, he has now expanded Showlove to target the lucrative food and lifestyle industry, by growing his pop-up restaurant experience Cafe Tibz in collaboration Diners Club.

CafeTibz’s fun dining experiences explore exclusivity, with an incredible 3-course wine pairing from the best selection. As part of the entertainment, Tebello cooks for his clients and teams up with some of the best chefs in the SA, one of his latest being a collaboration with legendary chef Giorgio Nava.

So darling friends of ours, in the spirit of bringing you GOOD NEWS ONLY on Mondays, we asked the entertainment guru all about his money moves ...

The Stylista: “What inspired the business idea behind Cafe Tibz?”

CafeTibz was sparked in 2016 after I’d taken a sabbatical from my tenure in the club scene and done a bit of traveling. I noticed we didn’t have sexy late kitchens with beautiful music for quaint dining experiences, so I created my own. I love putting people together and giving them a culinary experience

The Stylista: “Why did you chose to partner with Diners Club – how is this deal going to differentiate Cafe Tibz ?

Just like my vision for all business endeavours, Diners Club is world class and it is a highly refined brand – exactly where I am taking my bespoke dining experiences.  Personally, the Club is a brand that I aspire to emulate. Furthermore, our plans together have great synergy that will see Cafe Tibza reinvent the dining experience through travel, cuisine, wine, lifestyle and entertainment you have never seen before.

The Stylista: “Where should we look out for Cafe Tibz pop ups – are we going national – what does it mean for the business ?”

CafeTibz is definitely going global, the focus now however is to grow the brand in African market first. The Stylista’s will be the first ones to know about our pop up series.

The Stylista: “You also own a champagne brand ATILIER –  how is it doing in the market ?”

Atelier is an MCC and has done extremely well in its first year in the market. We have built a few properties such as Atelier Brunch and are on quite a few wine lists.

The Stylista: ”Will your champagne brand feature at all in your pop-up Cafe Tibz experiences?”

Definitely but I’ll also be featuring a few other South African MCCs. It’s time we took pride in our beautiful grapes.

The Stylista:“You also own Showlove, tell us how it fits into your businesses?”

Showlove is my mothership. It’s actually the glue and catalyst for all my endeavours. All I do is show love…

The Stylista: “Hows Africa’s future looking?”

Africa is ready, I’m already getting bookings in neighbouring states and I’m hoping for more.

Best believe that we will be going in to invade Tebello and document him getting ready for first Cafe Tibz pop up, with the ever so well positioned Diner Club.

Maybe we will even give you access to a Tibz experience. Stay locked to us – details coming soon!