Matric Dance Do’s and Don’ts by Ursula Botha


The matric dance is possibly one of the biggest highlights of your final year at school. You get to dress up like a princess and dance the night away with your besties. However with the matric farewell comes anxiety, pressures and expectations. As your unofficial big sister I’m here to guide you through a list of do’s and don’ts in order for you to have the best time!

The official do’s and don’t list

1. The Dress

DO: Feel comfortable in your dress. You’ll know when it’s the right fit because you won’t want to take it off.

DO: Make sure you can breathe and move freely in it for your dance floor moves.

DON’T: Choose the dress that your mom or siblings say you ‘must’ wear.

2. Finding a date

DON’T: Stress over finding a date. It’s not a big deal. Remember this is YOUR night, don’t make it about a boy. 

DO: ask a friend or go with a group of friends.

3. Shoes

DO: Wear your shoes in with socks a few weeks before the dance.

DO: Practice walking in your heels at home.

DO: find your perfect slipper at Miss Black (

4. Expectations

DON’T: have expectations of a fantasy/perfect night because this will lead to disappointments.

DO: Be in the moment.

5. Photo’s

DO: Practice your poses at home in front of the mirror.

DO: Also take some fun/silly photo’s with your friends.

DO: Take a special pic with your parents.

6. Checklist

DO: Prepare by making a list of everything you need to do (like booking appointments and finding your perfect Miss Black shoe).

7. Goals

DO: Make your goal to have the most fun at the dance. Don’t compare yourself to anyone. Your confidence is the most beautiful thing a girl can have. Use it and abuse it! Your good vibes will attract all good things to you.

Use these tips as a guide to inspire you to have the best evening and the most fun. With love from your unofficial big sister Ursula. Mwah xx



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