How to ‘Makeup’ your look by Niloofa Rehman

Selecting a Makeup Artist:

One of the most important elements of your night will be the perfect makeup look to ensure that you take the most beautiful selfies!

Selecting a good makeup artist is crucial. Picking out a makeup artist who has experience and specializes in the look you are trying to achieve is so important. If you’re going for a full glam over the top makeup look then you may want to select a makeup artist who specializes in bridal or theatrical makeup. If you’re interested in achieving a natural or minimal makeup look then you may enquire at a beauty counter such as Mac or Bobbi Brown.

Research is everything! Before heading to your appointment ensure that you have a sample picture to show the artist your desired makeup look.

Most professional makeup artists are willing to do a trial beforehand- this will enable you to get an idea of how your desired look will translate on your facial features and skin tone.

P.S Always confirm with your makeup artist if weather a set of false lashes are included in the price.

DIY type of girl? We’ve got you covered.
Building a solid “Foundation”

• Invest in a good moisturizer and face primer to make for the perfect base.
• Pick out a foundation that is closest to your skin tone.
• Your foundation should always be in harmony with your skin type.

• For oily or acne prone skin the best foundation would be an oil free type – stay clear from any dewy texture and opt for a matte finish along with an oil free mattifying moisturizer.
• For dry skin – a rich, creamy moisturizing liquid will glide on effortlessly.
• For sensitive skin – mineral-based powders will conceal problem skin without irritating it.
• For combination skin – a lightweight dewy finish will do the trick, while oily areas to be baked in translucent powder for a long lasting flawless face.

Always select a full coverage foundation.

Check online reviews before buying a foundation as most drugstore foundations tend to oxidize(this means that over a few hours of wearing the foundation, it mixes with the oils of your skin and environment and causes it to darken in color).

Use a foundation brush to apply the product to your facade and a beauty blender to give you an-airbrushed blended finish.

Sculpt your face by Highlighting and Contouring:

Highlight and contour is the technique for facial definition. In simple terms, highlighting means making an area of your face stand out (eg. cheekbones and under eye). Contouring is the art of creating shadows on the face to make certain areas less noticeable (eg. nose and jawline).

Highlighting (or strobing) offsets by accentuating areas of your face that naturally catch the light with a concealer or highlighter. For a matte highlight, for example, use a concealer that’s two shades lighter than your skin tone. If you love to be extra with your glow and you want something with more shimmer go with a pressed or baked powder highlighter in a light gold/champagne color.

Contouring is when you use a matte powder, liquid, cream, or stick product that’s a few shades darker than your skin tone to shade areas you’d like to define or reshape, like your nose, forehead, chin, jawline and cheeks. For beginners a matte bronzer is ideal for an easy application.

Use a translucent powder over your matte highlight to set it, so that your makeup lasts all night!




Your face is never complete without a good set of defined brows. Use a brow pencil closest to your natural hair color to line the shape of your eyebrow. Thereafter use an angle brush dipped in a eyeshadow closest to your natural hair color to fill in the sparse hair areas.

Never over pluck them – thick full brows are in!


Select an eyeshadow that works well with your natural eye color and blend it with an eyeshadow that matches your outfit! Blending is key.

For the perfect winged liner – use a black liquid eyeliner (this will take a few attempts to master so practice practice practice!) if you have a shaky hand opt of a crayon or pencil based liner instead.


Invest in a good mascara – look out for ones that add length, volume and curl to your lashes.

False eyelashes are all the rage right now! Get yourself a pair and a good lash glue (this application

does take time to master, for beginners I would suggest buying individual lashes instead of strip lashes).


Try a peachy toned blush this season, they have been seen on most runways this year – it promises a radiant fresh faced look and fits well on most skin tones. Be sure to use a subtle amount.


Moisturize your lips with a light coat of Vaseline or chapstick.

Applying a lipliner has proven to keep lipstick on for longer and prevents it from bleeding over the lines of your lip.

Opt for a matte lipstick instead of a gloss, this will ensure wearability for hours and you won’t need to continue to reapply once you’ve eaten.

Pick out a lipstick that works well with your eyeshadow, accessories and overall look.

Set it:

Investing in a makeup fixator spray will help stop your makeup from moving or transferring and will set it to last until the after party!

Additional tips:

Select a makeup look/hairstyle from a celebrity or public figure who has similar features to yours.

Select a dress that not only fits your body shape but that you feel comfortable and confident in.

Wear the correct undergarments – no panty lines or bra straps showing.

Get a matching manicure and pedicure to polish up your look.

Schedule all beauty or dress appointments in advance.

Ensure that your undergarments, jewelry, shoes, clutch bag, hairstyle, nail color, and makeup style

all coordinated with your dress.

Practice walking in your shoes at home.

Help your date select his tux or suit to compliment your dress.

Schedule pre-prom pictures to be taken by a family member before leaving for the ball.

Drink plenty of water in the days leading up to prom – your skin will glow!

In your clutch bag: pack in your phone, money, pressed powder for touching up your makeup,

lipstick, tissue and a few safety pins.

Remember to live in the moment and enjoy your night with your girls!