HANGER VISITS : New Expresso Presenter Thabiso Makhubela Talks Fashion, Business  & Lifestyle

As you may know by now, Thabiso is not just a handsome face with a buzzing personality and a great sense of style, the brand strategist is also owner of The Drawing Board Brand Consult, offering his brand solutions to client like : TopMan, Lucozade, Power Play for Coca Cola and SPITZ – they have such great quality shoes!

Read on and  imagine this …

It’s a fabulous Wednesday afternoon and later that evening,  marks the “Presenter Search on 3” final announcements dinner. Little do we, at The Stylista, know that Thabiso is secretly preparing to move out to live a new life in Cape Town, while we are shooting the episode …

We actually had NO TIME to explore his entire wardrobe, so we asked him to pick his favourite jackets and use them to talk us through his life journey, to becoming who he is today.

That’s right!!!!

This second instalment of #HangerVisits allowed us to play in Expresso presenter – Thabiso Makhubela’s closet and we found him just as he was moving out of Johannesburg to prepare for his new life as national broadcaster … Get the levels ?

Thabiso’s style is charming, warm and hearty – with an edge to it that says “I am here to make things happen” !

Here is the lowdown, brought to you by our chocolate beauty Star Khulu aka “The Gal In The Middle”…

Lap it all up and let us know how it tastes – ENJOY !?