Music Video Launch by Capso !

Celebrating Women’s Month With An Exclusive Music Video Launch by Capso !

Honeys all over Mzansi, it’s Women’s Month and we see no better fitting way, than to celebrate it with a Pan African artist NOT to be ignored!

Who is Capso if you may not be informed?

The Democratic Republic of Congo-born and South African-raised artist who collaborated with three times Grammy Award-winning singer Wyclef Jean in 2014 and has since sored, running his own recording and production studio, Wired Sound Studios, in Johannesburg.

The two hit it off when they met in New York where Wyclef heard CAPSO’s music and they clicked. The song they recorded celebrated, inspired and reminded everyone that they are Firestars in their own right and it was recorded at the legendary Daddy’s House studio in Manhattan.

This time around this “tall glass of water”  has a new offering titled “Sea Line Woman” meaning “a woman who feels misunderstood”. The songs itself is a Congolese classic created over 100 years , however the songs itself continues to take on different interpretations based on the singer’s inspiration.

For more information on the rich history of this song and its meaning please do not go to Wikipedia but rather check out the book ‘’The Beautiful Music All Around Us’’ by Stephen Wade

So what’s the deal with the music video though?

The video is exclusive to The Stylista and it is a work of SERIOUS ART that you will appreciate as a woman and a man, it showcases complex issues of African identity, race, body representation, pain, and food as a marker of social class and identity -all done through music, fashion, location, and dance as a performance art.

Let us know what you think about the music video and stand a chance to win a seat at Capso’s Round Table experience where all the topics of the video will be discussed.

Don’t you think it’s time to rub shoulders with the right people and have meaningful conversations in vibrant spaces ?

Do enjoy!!!