Introducing Mazerata

Gentleman, we know it seems like we often forget about you and your style needs and we are feeling a little guilty about it. So, naturally we’ve been doing a little bit of recon trying to find the latest and greatest in men’s fashion and accessories. And that is when we stumbled upon the glorious, Mazerata. A premium brand that brings together all the aspects of the modern-day gentleman, with style and sophistication as their cornerstones, well conveying a strong sense of honour and ambition, ideal for the modern man who spends his days chasing their dreams and their nights dancing to the beats of their city. Undeniably the brand for men of class, specialising in men’s formal footwear.

Not just any pair of shoes, these exceptionally crafted pieces are made from carefully selected designs and materials to ensure that only the highest quality product is produced. In fact, Mazerata designers travel the world over in order to find the latest international trends and bring them to our shores, and the gentlemen of South Africa. The designers then return home and with the meticulousness of a master craftsman, they ensure the finest materials are used to make their handcrafted shoes and keep a close eye on all stages of the production process, ensuring perfection from beginning to end. Not only are their shoes crafted to the highest standards of design, but their available at affordable prices. They’re motto? It’s their honour to provide the young gentlemen of South Africa with a product that is beautifully crafted but won’t break the bank. And that is one of the many reasons we’d just mad about this brand.