Sunglass Hut Collection

Prada – Evolution of the best-selling and iconic Cinèma collection pays homage to the fantasy and drama of cinematic themes. These Prada’s feature flat metal temples, which is a key theme of the Cinèma collection.

The Persol Sartoria Collection interprets timeless and sophisticated elegance. Designed to express the eclectic personality of the contemporary gentleman and his taste for luxury

Versace – Powerful, Provocative, Glamorous and Passionate. Versace’s Medusa, featured here on the temple represents everything that is beautiful about the feminine form


Do you know your Face Shape when purchasing sunglasses?
Tip: Try to avoid frame shapes too similar to your face shape.


The oval face is slightly longer than it is wide, with soft edges. Because of this the oval face is considered well-balanced in proportion and generally suited to most frame shapes. You can afford to be quite adventurous when choosing frames for this face shape.


Square faces have a jawline and forehead which are equal in width. Because of the hard angles in a square face, the best frames shapes for this face shapes are generally round and oval which soften the profile. Again, one should avoid frames similar to the face shape, such as square or rectangular frame shapes.


A round face is as long as it is wide, with no hard angles. The best frame shapes for round faces are generally more angular frames, such as square, rectangular or irregular frames. A cat-eye frame also works well for this face shape. One should avoid round frames for this face shape.


The heart-shaped face is characterized by a broader brow and a narrow chin. Frames that elongate your look, even out proportions, or direct attention downward are a good match.