Basha Uhuru

Basha Uhuru is an all-inclusive festival that brings you music, film, art, poetry, design and fashion from the iconic walls of the Constitution Hill Precinct. The festival was established in 2013 and has preceded to jump from strength to strength throughout its 6 years running, and has easily became a local favourite, and a ‘must attend’ especially for the city’s youth.

It is easy to understand why when it’s hosted in conjunction with South Africa’s Youth Day. The 16th June is the day that the nation’s youth rose to stand against oppression within their schools and their country, the day the youth stood against apartheid. And it is the day that undoubtedly changed the course of South Africa’s history. So, Constitution Hill together with its partners and artists representing every field commemorates and celebrates the youth of the past through the Annual Basha Uhuru Freedom Fest.

The Constitution Hill Human Rights Precinct, which was once a brutal prison under the apartheid regime seems the perfect fit to allow the youth of 2018 to celebrate their heritage and those who came before them – changing the narrative and purpose of the site. The organises explained it best, “the Precinct symbolically represents our country’s journey from a dark, painful past to a present and future that is filled with hope – with the recognition that much effort needs to be made to ensure the relevance of this journey”. Ensuring that this relevance and creativity is a celebration of our youth and their creativity through the Basha Uhuru Freedom Festival, so for three glorious days, the precinct is turned into a creative playground for inspiring, out-of-the-box collaborations and incredible creative showcases