The Master Mind Behind Pink Leather

Sadie “Wiggles” Torquato is the stunning founded of Pink Leather, the beauty brand founded on the simple principles of respect and self-care. Not only has she taken the industry by storm this year, but she seems to be making all sorts of inspirational moves. A 26-year-old Digital Marketer who made the move from P.E to Johannesburg with a brief stopover in Pretoria, with a passion for beauty and social media she found the natural meeting place for both passions, a beauty line of her own and so Pink Leather was born. But the realisation of this dream took some time, and a few things fell into place that just seemed to carry her in the right direction. Sadie’s husband made a drastic change in his career that allowed him some spare time to investigate other income streams, and before they knew it he started informally selling lipsticks, but the uptake was incredible, and the couple came together and started working on turning a somewhat forgotten dream into a reality.

There is no doubt that South Africa is at its focal point within the Cosmetic Industry, and new lines and brands seem to drop daily so what is it exactly that separates Pink Leather from the pack? Well we’re here to tell you that Pink Leather is here for the everyday girl, the babe who isn’t a skilled professional who can contour like Kim K with her eyebrows on fleek in a nanosecond and we’re thrilled. Their tag line is “The Essential”, because they believe that you can look incredible with just the bare essentials and as the timeless saying goes sometimes less really is more. Sadie was quoted saying “we want our customer to feel comfortable with developing their skills and love for make up without bombarding them with a 60 colour eyeshadow palette of which they’ll only end up using 2.” And we feel that on a deep and personal level, because to be entirely honest with ourselves as much as we love staring into the abyss of glittering eyeshadows in our extensive palettes we haven’t touched 90% of them.