“My style is inspired by art and culture.”

Known all over the Instagram world for her standout looks, Rehabile Mendu known to her Instagram fans as @rethabile_mendu shows us how to Get the look with TFG.

“I love to stand out wherever I go, and my outfits will always have a pop of colour added to them to represent my vibrant personality.” And standing out is what Rethabile is known for.

“My childhood has influenced what my style is today. I grew up in a household where my aunts loved and appreciated the art of fashion, and as a result, have passed this love and appreciation down to me. Their beautiful fashion items are still something that I wear and cherish today.” Taking the love and appreciation for clothes to heart has helped Rethabile mould a look that is entirely hers.

“For me fashion is never about dressing up and leaving the house as you are, that has never really made sense to me. Different garments portray different emotions and as a result you can tell how someone feels by looking at how they are dressed. I often catch myself doing just that when I am out and about.”

 “See how my love for fashion, colour and art has inspired me and how I Get the look with TFG.”

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