1. Who is Mimi Mvakali?

This is a question that requires self-actualization – I always feel so intimidated by it. I need to get a grip.

I am an almost 27 year old who is coming to truly understand and embrace the freedom of being herself. My least favourite thing is when people try to box me. I am a whole bunch of things and accepting that has allowed me to stand more comfortably in my skin and own my light. I have so many different interests and I see no reason to limit myself to one career path. I am an attorney by profession with aspirations of specialising in environmental law and sustainability as well as fashion law. I am a lover of fashion who is now exploring that in different capacities including entrepreneurship and content production. I am also somewhat of a writer that needs to pick her pen up again.

2. You’re the co-founder of Influenced. Please could you share more on the brand and business?
The name/brand is a very tongue-in-cheek reference to the current status quo, influencer market and just a general comment on where we get our inspiration from. The idea is to be at the forefront of trends and to be the go to source of on trend items.


The business itself is still in its infancy – we are taking things very slowly but that’s a pace we are comfortable with for now.

3)      You recently shared images from your incredible shoot with Joshugh Att. What was the creative inspiration behind the shoot and what message do they convey?

To be honest there wasn’t any intentional creative direction for the shoot. I just took advantage of the opportunity to take pictures that I had always thought about. I have to admit that it was mostly to satisfy my curiosity. The beauty shot was very much inspired by Rihanna and Fenty Beauty, her product body lava in particular. I have always felt like magic in the sun (with highlight on) and I wanted a picture that captured that inner glow I always feel when I bask in the sun. The heritage shot was inspired by a portrait of Mam Winnie. I wanted to pay tribute to her by reproducing her picture but it ended up a little bit different which I embrace because it takes away the pressure of having tried to recreate such a beautiful picture of such a great woman and warrior. In the end the pictures still represented power and beauty – so the inspiration remained. The last picture was my styling effort in the whole shoot- I just wanted to play around with a classic black suit but personalise it – which I did with the gold bralette – if you know anything about me, you wiil know that I love gold so that was for consistency and commitment to gold.