On The Radar with Mihlali Ndamase

  1. You’ve become one of the biggest beauty You Tubers in the country. When and how did you first get into beauty blogging?

Thank you so much! Well I have always had a passion for beauty. I fell involve with beauty bloggers and their craft at the age of 15 when I first discovered Makeup tutorials on Youtube. Although it was quite the journey before I actually branched into the industry I finally started a YouTube channel in 2016 while I was studying makeup, because my skills were improving and I gained a lot of knowledge from watching tutorials online, that is when I was ready to share my love for makeup with the world.

Although blogging, becoming a career was not planned, YouTube content opened a lot of doors for me. L’Oreal was the first beauty power house to contact me and ask me to produce content for them, and that is when things took off for me as a brand.

2. Who are some of your favourite local and international beauty influencers?

  • International: Aaliyah Jay, Tieara Walker, FaceOverMatter, Shalom Blac, and MakeupShayla. L
  • Local: Canvas Fashions, she was one of the first South African beauty bloggers I found on Youtube so she really motivated me to get started with my channel. “Thandi Gama, The Gilded Hanger, Vongai Mapho, Nicole Khumalo and so many more..

3. The South African YouTube / content creation community seems immensely supportive of each other. What has your experience been like being part of such a strong community?

4.It’s  been amazing really. I think its important for us to support one another especially considering the fact that South African beauty You tubers are only getting recognition now, not only by brands, also by our fellow South Africans. The number of people gaining an interest in south African content is growing immensely, which makes growing together even more beautiful.

5. Please can you share some of your favourite make-up trends for winter?

  • I love smoky eyes in winter, in any and every shade. I love playing with dark hues so I would wear a brown smokey eye, a plum smokey eye or even a burgundy smokey eye with a beautiful ombre nude lip and a blinding highlight of course.
  •  You recently visited Milan as part of a brand campaign. How did you find the experience?

6. It was such pintch me moment,  I couldn’t believe that it was actually happening until I arrived in Italy. It was such a beautiful experience, and extremely eye opening. Creatives often draw inspiration from places and their surroundings, so traveling gives you a different outlook and perspective, also being able to meet and work with influencers from other parts of the world broadens your perspective.

7. What advice would you offer to aspiring beauty bloggers and YouTubers?

  • Your story won’t be the same as the person next to you, so don’t put yourself under too much pressure. Start, go back to the drawing board if necessary and never give up on your dreams.

8. Can we look forward to a Mihlali Ndamase make-up range in the future?

  • That, and so much more.