“Style is an extension of who you are and that whatever you wear or do should be purely out of comfort and preference no matter how absurd you look to everyone else, if you’re comfortable and confident in it then go for it.”

And that is exactly what he has done! Meet Lesedi, better known as on Instagram as @_thewoodz as he shows us how to Get The Look with TFG.

A “don’t care” attitude has serviced Lesedi well in his fashion journey as he truly goes against the grain to wear pieces that mean something to him.

“I really enjoy timeless pieces, I believe it replicates my aura and my interest in art. I’m not scared to take risks when it comes to the way I dress because fashion for me can be a form of expression moulded around your comfortability.”

“Not conforming to any particular trend, I do feel a strong connection with the style of the 80s. I love to incorporate a bit of the hipster movement, punk grunge, the gothic trend and Avant Garde menswear into my everyday looks.”

“Going against the grain, turning heads and being totally unexpected is what I thrive on! This is me and this is how I Get the look with TFG.”

“A classic in my opinion. This black t-shirt from Markham sets the mood of the outfit and can be put together with anything else as well.”

Curved V-Neck T-Shirt from Markham
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“This slick red beanie gives a cool street style look but can also be worn with anything. The colour balances the outfit out and pops with the denim.”

Fila Skully Beanie from Sportscene
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You too can get the look just like me and TFG.

“I love a good pair of denim jeans. These have a really nice fit that’s not limited to one way of styling and blends well with the rest of my outfit.”

RJ Bootleg Medium Wash Jeans from Relay Jeans
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“This denim jacket from Exact gives a classic denim vibe and fits well with the denim pants. The small detailed textures on the jacket gives it character and enough swag to have people asking where I got it from.”

Men’s Mid Wash Trucker Denim Jacket from Exact
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“These Vans sneakers are super comfortable and super mobile, I can literally do anything in them, climb a tree, skate, yoga, whatever you want and still look super cool, definitely classic shoes and a must have in ones closet.”

Vans Men’s SK8-Hi Sneakers from Sportscene
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“This backpack matches well with the entire outfit and is actually the piece that determines how good the outfit would look on a regular day, very spacious and compatible with a cool design and an everlasting colour scheme.”

PJ Pocket Backpack from Relay Jeans
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