My name is Benny Afroe and I am defined by my art and creativity. Through my music, I want to help create a universal soundtrack of our time and I want to use my art to change the world.

1. What is your definition of Urban Art?

I think every actively involved creative in the arts forms part of the greater definition of urban artist. Urban Art should be about inspiring people and changing lives.

2. Do you think urban art is a global concept? 

Most definitely! I’m inspired by various Urban artists from different parts of the world. I use what I learn from other global artists to inspire other people and change lives.

3. How has living in Bangkok, Thailand influenced your creativity in music and fashion?

The opportunity to work and live in foreign countries has helped me realize the mighty power and full potential of the arts. Working with artists from various socio-cultural and religious backgrounds has broadened my perception on challenges and life events. I now make music and express myself better without the fear of being judged. I do it with a purpose.
I’ve seen how the arts can unite people.

In Bangkok, I’ve learned to work through the language barriers because I’ve seen how art can become the sole point of communication between any group of people. That for me is amazing! That moment of magic. I live for that. I now write every song and wear every outfit with that in my mind.

4. How do you express yourself through music and fashion?

I used to think about it a lot but these days I just do what feels honest. The magic is in the purity of the feeling. Telling it like it is. People love that because they’ve also been through similar raw emotions. I must admit that has made me a better musician. A better Urban Artist!

5. What are your top 3 favourite footwear trends right now? 

*Black Sneakers… Those are dope! I can literally wear them with anything
*Boots Boots and more Boots!!
*Any futuristic kind Sneaker. I love those….
I low-key believe I’m from the future!

6. Who is your style influencer? Kanye West amongst other greats. He reminds me of the creative genius inside of me. I like how fearless and passionate he is when it comes to his craft. I aspire to become that fearless. I second guess myself a lot. That needs to stop!

7. If you could give someone one piece of style advice, what would it be?

“Simplicity with a dash of Kanye makes an outfit.“

8. Describe your dream collaboration?

I’m a creative volcano…My creativity is always active, so other than being actively in the performing arts. I’d love to collaborate with any brand that would allow me to co-Design certain items. I have so many ideas when it comes to clothing design!! The larva keeps flowing. Always!