“I am constantly changing my shape, I am unbounded by anything but my feelings. Textbook elements such as fit and fabric do not limit my choice of clothing.”

Standing out from the crowd, literally and doing it in style is what Tuelo Monageng is all about, better known on Instagram as @tuelomonageng he shows us how to Get the look with TFG.

“I love to be authentic and standing out from the crowd is something I thrive on! This is me and this is how I Get the look with TFG.”

“Heavily influenced by the soulful notes of jazz, neosoul and African Jazz music, these elements have shaped my style into what it is today – ME!” 

Unconventional, innovative and against the grain in everyway is the perfect recipe that makes up the iconic style of Tuelo Monageng.

The world is constantly changing and one needs to keep up with it in order not to be left behind. Tuelo embraces this change and turns it into positive and iconic looks, proving that he too is ever changing.

“Being able to express the way I feel, showing where I am, who I am and want to be is my inspiration. I’m a style chameleon. One day I’m in classic wear and the next in street wear. I give each look the same level of confidence each day.”

See why Tuelo chose the pieces he did to complete his look and how you too can Get the look with TFG.

“Mixing streetwear and formal wear is a big trend right now. Heavily influenced by my father and his love for suits, formal wear has always been apart of my life. Taking the formal classic blue shirt from Exact, the waistcoat and pants from Markham helped me pay homage to my father and his iconic suits.”

Trousers from Markham – Shop online
Collared Blue Shirt from Exact – Shop online
Waistcoat from Markham – Shop online

“Ricky Rick’s “stay shining” influenced these khaki green high top all star sneakers from Sportscene , giving my look that formal style with a kasi/street vibe twist.”

Converse Teal High Tops from Sportscene
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“The future holds endless possibilities and one that is truly bright. I am embracing the light of possibilities with these on trend shades from Markham.”

Sunglasses from Markham
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“I love to include timeless and classic pieces into my look at this bold blue and red watch from Foschini achieved that.”

VIP Watch from Foschini
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“With the icy chills of winter well on there way fighting the cold with a puffer jacket makes this classic streetwear outfit bolder and on-trend and gives the outfit more character.”

Khaki Bomber Jacket from Markham
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“Being a piano player my fingers are always on show and need to look their best, nothing can do that better than a cool ring from American Swiss.”

Ring from American Swiss – Shop in store

ID Bracelet from Sterns
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“I love to play with shades and tones of colours and that is why I included this chocolate brown belt from Duesouth into my look.”

Skinny Embossed Belt Due South – Shop online

“Winter is known for its dark and dull colours but I feel like your look doesn’t have to represent the weather. I have added a pop of sunshine yellow to my look with these Skinny Sbu Socks from Due South.”

Yellow Polka Dot Socks – Shop in store

Blue and Brown Backpack from Markham
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“You too can get the look just like me with TFG.”