According to Kiara there is always room for improvement even for fashion and she has a very clever analogy that has had us all thinking and pondering “In my eyes wearing a piece the exact way you bought it from the store without changing or adding anything is like being a chef and simply eating a carrot straight from the ground without adding or changing anything about it”, we couldn’t agree more!

“Documenting my style journey has helped me show others that you don’t need to be a rap star or a fashion blogger to enjoy clothing and use it to really express who you are. This is me and this is how I Get the look with TFG.”

See why Kiara chose the pieces she did to complete her look and how you too can Get the look with TFG.

“I know Purple is supposed to be the colour for this season but for some reason I’ve been gravitating towards red like a moth to the light and as soon as I saw these red boots I almost fell over with excitement. The texture, colour and length is everything a girl could wish for!”

Red Long Sock Boots from The FIX
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“Stripes, Checks and plaids are going to be the biggest trend this year, I loved the fit and material of these Foschini pants. They are super comfortable, on trend and hugged in all the right places.”

Hounds tooth pants from Foschini
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“Fashion is what artists put out there, style is using someone else’s artwork to say who you are.” Known for her innovative style and going against the grain attitude, Kiara Pather better known as @kiara_Danielle_pather shows us how to Get the look with TFG.

“More than anything I think I’m inspired by culture and art. Every culture will read your style differently and I style myself anticipating an outfits multifaceted interpretation. Things are never as they seem and there are always different angles to everything.”

Kiara sees the beauty in pieces not many would and re-invents them into what they truly are, works of art!

“I loved this shirt. I only speak the truth, I’d wear it everyday if I could but pairing it with the checked pants and blazer simply reinforced the message!”

Graphic Tee from Foschini
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“I love mixing pieces together so this Foschini coat was the perfect accessory, and also comes in handy for temperamental South African winters.”

Hounds Tooth Jacket from Foschini
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“I believe that jewellery should be the devil in the detail. This American Swiss ring with a dropped pearl is the type of accessory that complemented the continued black and white theme in my outfit.”

“Mixing colours in jewellery is totally acceptable these days so I opted for a dedicated heart charm from Sterns on one hand and structured gold bangles from Duesouth on the other along with a twisted ring from Colette.”

“I love layering as a fashion statement, in clothing and accessories. Taking two minimalist necklaces from Foschini and putting them together makes for the perfect accessory thats subtle but still accessorizes.”

Gold Long Necklaces from Foschini
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“South African winters start out blisteringly cold and then warm up towards the middle of the day, I loved these Foschini gloves, the colour complements my colour palette and the zip added some subtle excitement.”

Black Zip Gloves from Foschini
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Black Belt from Exact
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Gold Bracelets from Duesouth – Shop online
Pearl Ring from American Swiss – Shop in store
Criss Cross Ring from Collette – Shop in store
Heart Bracelet from Sterns – Shop in store
Silver Hoop Earrings from Exact – Shop online

“Organic shapes are so interesting when applied to handbags. I loved this rounded bag from The FIX with rounded golden handles and its ball of pink fur that added a small hint of Mariah to my outfit.”

Handbag with Gold Handle from The FIX
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“You too can get the look just like me with TFG.”