What are some of the main passions and why are they important to you? 
In terms of passions I have a few. Guess the obvious being my daily 9-5 which is the health field. Secondly music and movement . As to why they are important I feel they all speak to the man that I am. They are about giving , being emotionally involved , creative thinking and problem solving as well as constant learning and discovery .

What are the 5 invaluable tips you can share for shooting looks?

  • Good light so either early morning or late afternoon.
  • If you’re focusing on the look then try keep the background as simple as possible.
  • Shoot what works , if the shoes don’t go then crop the shot you don’t have to show your whole outfit always.
  • Make sure the shots are clear, the type of camera doesn’t matter these days as long as the image isn’t blurry , obviously if you need to blow the image up you need a better camera to avoid pixels.
  • Be comfortable in what ever your shooting it shows if you aren’t .

What are some of the apps you can’t live without? 
Instagram, Apple Music , iMovie garageband.

What is your dream collaboration? 
Would be great to work with a few artist I respect on some music like Shekhinah ,Nonku Phiri,Black Coffee , Nap and Adele . In terms of brands , Coke , Nivea , Adidas , Virgin active , Discovery. I’d say though out of all those my dream would be to creative direct, choreograph, star and have my music play for an international coke ad.

What does a typical day looks like for you? 
Mid-week involves getting up early,missing breakfast cause I’m always late, head to work then get back to a power nap, then I’ll either write , or work on some covers . Head to gym/run then dance in the studio at gym or in my living room and if I feel inspired I’ll try record it ( the dancing).
Which brands have you worked with? 
Spitz , Levi’s and two alcohol brands.

How would you describe your fashion style? 
My fashion style yoh it changes . It’s never consistent because I get bored and easily distracted. I like simple things and I don’t like wearing a lot at once because i feel restricted so I seldom layer. I like things that flow very loosely,sometimes showing some skin is a vibe . I really don’t know what I’d describe myself style as.

How did you feel about performing live at Absolute event? 
Undoubtedly the best moment of my life ok maybe second actually it’s a tie between that and the day I found out I was a qualified doctor. It was monumental for me I had never performed at a scale like that. I performed my own material I had a fantastic team helping me with styling and creative direction . But the feeling of performing your own music and having people who don’t know your songs have their phones out and dancing and screaming for you. I can say technically I could have and will do better but I was incredibly nervous and excited and now I’ve tasted what it’s like and I know I want more and I want to do it even better.

Check out his music video here 

Any hidden talents? 
Hidden talents I used to be a great sketcher , also learning to become a Dj ( don’t think I’m half bad).