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1. What kind of Urban Artist are you? 
– current, old & new…everything and anything I am needed to be and more.

2. How do you express yourself and your individuality? (your culture, identity and beliefs?)
I express myself through clothing.

3. What, in your opinion, are some of the main trends in footwear right now?
Chunky soles , dad shoes and high tech features like Boost for Adidas.

4. Who or what are your style influences?
Everybody, being poor, rich, girl, boy – Being a stylist has allowed me to bring up everyones personality through clothing .

5. If you could give someone one piece of style advice, what would it be?
Dress for yourself and what you aspire to be.

6. What is your dream collaboration?
An editorial for Vogue Italia with @DutchBradley , @house_of_queen_makeup (mom),
model @amandadupont , and styled by me, @StyledbyLthiiZ.

StyledbyLthiiZ tells us how Joburg inspired his climb to becoming a stylist in this video lookbook for Urban Art:

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