There are plenty of killer heels out there, in all shapes and sizes! Unfortunately, these shapes and sizes can get a little confusing for us. Not to mention a complete nightmare as we stand driving some poor shop assistant insane with our less than clear description of the pair we’re after! So, if you’re tired of the struggle have a wonder through our top 5 most stylish heels so you’re always in the know when you’re shopping.


The classic shape features closed, slightly pointed toe and a slim heel. This shape and style elongates the leg and pairs well with pretty much anything from your go-to ripped skinny jeans to your LBD cocktail dress.


Just as the name suggests these heels are a whole lot chunkier, but the extended surface area makes these babies a lot more comfortable to walk in, especially for extended periods of time. They are a closet stable and easy (comfy) go-to for almost any outfit!


For those who aren’t great fans of the sky-high heel, kitten heels provide just a simple inch or two of extra height. And are cute to boot, paired with any girly get up of your choice.


Instead of separated heels, some complete genius (whom we thank) designed a seamless line that extends from the ball of the foot to the heel. This is by far the most elegant and comfortable heel in all the land and we love it!