1. Tell us a little about yourself                        

I’m a 27 year old Soweto born fashion lover, I work as a VBVtraining specialist at

2. What are some of your main passions and why are they important to you?

I love people. Interacting and meeting new people opens you up to a lot.

3. What are the 5 invaluable tips you can share for shooting looks, what would they be?

  1. Be original, that’s what sets you apart from everyone
  2. A good camera
  3. Outdoor pictures look better and you can see the outfit details
  4. A solid wall backround
  5. A garden or street looks better – not in the kitchen or in your bedroom 🙂

4. What camera do you use to shoot? and do you have any favourite locations or backdrops?

I use my iPhone SE camera, alternatively I use a Canon sx600 which fits easily in my pocket. I’m obsessed with sky scrapers so any chance I get to shoot at a roof top or in town I do the most.

5. What are some apps you cant live without?

Twitter, I don’t own a TV so that’s how I keep up with what’s happening, Instagram, Facebook, VSCO and Google maps.

6. Where do you get most of your inspiration?

I’m inspired by everyone and everything around me from architecture to street vendors in Town, I also check out various blogs and publications like Highsnobiety just to see what’s happening around the world.

7. Describe your personal style

That’s a difficult one, I wear anything that I feel comfortable in but lately my style has had a street influence.

8. Favourite colour of the moment


9. What is your go to outfit/look?

You never go wrong with a good pair of trainers, a basic white tee and slim fit jeans ( I prefer loose cut)

10. Who is your favourite fashion icon?

Asap Rocky

11. What is your dream collaboration?

A feature on Vogue and Highsnobiety

12. What does a typical day look like for you?

If I’m not travelling on work, I usually start my day with a workout, then its deciding on what to wear . My daily activities would depend on which day of the week it is but on weekend I love going to food markets

13. What is your go to beauty routine?

Exfoliating and sun screen.

14. What are some dreams of yours?

I still want to travel more and explore the world

15. Any hidden talents?

I’m an actor but Fashion retail took over

16. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Doing what I love and empowering those around me, the past 5 years have taught me that there are not limits, what might be a 5 year plan can actually happen in a year.

17. What are the best things to do in your city?

Chisa nyamas , neighbourgoods market, first Thursdays, there’s actually so much that I still haven’t explored.

18. Are you part of any social communities in your city?