“A world of adventure is left outside the door, the perfume of home beckons. As I step over the threshold, a blanket of vanilla absolute wraps me up in a warm embrace, leaving a sweet scent. A pot of gently spiced hot chocolate bubbles on the stove, cocoa absolute drawing out memories of all things I love. I sink into folds of the familiar arm chair, well read books resting against walls. The warming scent of Benzoin Resinoid gently strokes across my skin. The creak of the stairs says she’s coming to greet you. As the windows protect me from the rain, and the air crackles with a warming fragrance, I know, I’m home.”



We do not blame you if you slipped off into a quiet corner of your mind as you lived out that entire scene above because we sure did.

Home is truly where the heart is and we are thrilled to tell you that Lush has beautifully bottled home in their range of signature fragrances. If there bath and body products weren’t enough to get you super excited to get into the tub then their new revolutionary fine fragrances will do the trick.


From Cardamom Coffee, Sikkim Girls, All Good Things, Breath Of God, What Would Love Do?, Amelie Mae, Rentless, Lust and Vanillary , each one is packed with juicy ingredients and inspiration in one delicate spray.


Choose between the bottled version of your favourite scent or start collecting the solid version of each one that you can easily take along with you.

Visit there online store za.lush.com to purchase yours or head in store for the full scented experience. Pick the fragrance that is suited to you and be inspired by smells that capture your whole being and are inspired by art, music and poetry.