It’s lunchtime right? As you glance at the clock for the hundredth time and try desperately to quieten your grumbling tummy.

Well the answer is no! but it is lunchtime somewhere in the world if that helps.

But seriously, are you eating the correct food and at the right time to prevent the awkward grumble? Chances are you probably aren’t.



We know how time consuming packing lunch can be especially after a long day at the office. Not to mention how creativity is key in avoiding the same old peanut butter sarmie everyday. But in this fast paced world we live in it is essential if not imperative to nourish the homes we live in, our bodies.

fter trying to quieten down our own grumbling bellies, we here at The Stylista jumped online to do a little food surfing and we found something delicious for all of you.

Now we know that an office environment can lead to loads of food temptations. From oily chips to crusty pies and don’t even get us started on the sweet cart that comes around every hour yikes! With life becoming more and more of a rat race, we seriously need to slow down on our food choices and pick dishes with our health in mind.

With that said, we feel like we have found the answer to all of our problems and food cravings, Nourishd

A café and juice bar in the heart of Cape Town that brings awareness to sustainability, consciousness and environmental issues and serves fresh natural nourishments to city slickers like us!

Nourishd follows the rhythms of nature to make sure that all of their customers are healthy, happy and as energetic as can be. Their little sanctuary offers delectable goodies carefully created for all of us , using vegetables and fruits with the highest nutrient content sourced with the intention to provide the very best with the utmost love which effects the flavour.

A delicious haven that not only serves nourishing goodies but also educates and encourages everyone to become more aware of what they are putting into their beautiful bodies.

With such a nutritious and mouth-watering menu on offer we tried our hardest to share our best dishes with you but even that was hard!

Check out their website for the full menu offering, where you can find them and how they are educating their community on effective sustainability and how best to look after your

Keep up to date with the latest news and yummy dishes from Nourishd at there colourful Instagram page@nourishdcapetown