What is that one thing in your life that you simply cannot live a day without?

Is it your boyfriend?, your mom? Or your fury little pup?

Well the above all seem like the logical response, however, we here at The Stylista simply cannot live without


Yes! the sweet, light and fluffy stuff that reminds us of tea parties at grandma’s house or the highlight of any kids party we ever went to back then. We always did hope to get the BIGGEST piece!

Call it an addiction if you will but to us it is a love affair and we have stumbled into a store that makes all of our sweet and magical dreams come to true.
We introduce you to
The Velvet Cake Co.

Step into a world of sheer delight, a sweetness that fills your senses and a colourful rainbow that meets your eyes and taste buds.

It all started with the dream of Jandri Van Zyl who opened up a teeny tiny cake shop called Treat near her home in Cape Town’s northern suburbs in 2010.

Cut to 2 quick years later and Jandri’s cakes were so well known that the orders outstripped the shop kitchen’s ability to keep up.

With that affirmation and solid confirmation, Jandri Van Zyl spotted a gap in the market she could sweetly fill.

Thus the commercial bakery, The Velvet Cake Co was born in 2012 and hasn’t stopped rising to the occasion.

Decadent creations that supply her café and wide range of customers orders, Jandri prides herself on providing innovative, creative and show stopping cakes that are delectable and tasty.
From traditional favourites to on trend designs, there is definitely a cake for your celebration at The Velvet Cake Co.

Attracting such a vibrant market in Cape Town, The Velvet Cake Co has opened up stores in Belville’s Rosenpark and in Loop street in Cape Town CBD. Their online store continues to thrive and provides customers with a handmade cake within 24 hours.

Whether you are after that mid-week pick me up or are in desperate need of satisfying your sweet tooth, The Velvet Cake Co has just what you need.

Shop their decadent menu of cakes and sweet treats online atwww.thevelvetcakeco.com and don’t forget to check out their so good you could eat it Instagram page @thevelvetcakeco today!