Taking care of ones self seems pretty obvious, a daily requirement, a need and not a want but lets be honest the fast pace, rat race we find ourselves in has taken its toll on our bodies and on our skins.
Stealing that moment to have some down time is no longer selfish but VERY VERY much needed and sometimes forced. A moment to nest in your own space, shut out the world, the noise, the hustle and bustle and focus on just You!
What girl doesn’t love a little pamper time? We know how much it lifts the spirit, recharges the batteries and allows you the moment to just breath and be.

We here at The Stylista love stumbling upon brands that not many of our users know about. Whatsmore, we love stumbling upon local brands making an incredible difference in our country that we cannot help but share it.

Well having stumbled upon a pure gem in its entirety, we have found a Cape Town based brand that uses nature and science to give you the simplest and non-toxic solutions to gorgeous, natural skin. This is Skoon Skincare. Natural and non-toxic is what Skoon Skincare is all about.

Research has shown that an average woman hosts up to 515 chemicals on her body everyday! Now that’s a reality check in itself. That is why Skoon Skincare has worked so hard to develop a skincare line that ensures that every ingredient that comes into contact with your skin is toxin-free and perfectly natural.

Skoon provides you with the health giving properties your skin deserves by harnessing the best of nature with science.

Natural ingredients like wildflower honey and Buchu, organic oils of Jojoba and coconut combined with scientific activities , Skoon ensures that your skin is nurtured just the way it should be.

Check out their brand new to shop their gorgeous collection and stay up to date with their natural feed on Instagram @skoon.skincare

Science is a complex business yet Skoon Skincare offers you an uncomplicated collection of exquisitely fragranced, natural products that allows you to blend your own mixes based on your skins daily needs.
Join the Skoon family and become a Skoon Miesie as they help you look after and take care of the best place to live in your skin.