It seems someone decided that those of us living in the city of gold, deserved some nice things and the nicest yet must be The Royale. A restaurant and bar that is the Cuban inspired eatery of our dreams nestled away in the leafy streets of Craighall. Now this is the place our friend Captain Jack Sparrow should buy shares in because the rum is never gone and as far as we can tell neither is the tequila! With a selection of cocktails that’ll undoubtedly put a twinkle in your eye and an atmosphere that’s better than a holiday, will have you wondering if you can spend your entire summer break within it’s walls. Oh, and did we mention that the mouth-watering menu is all you’ll ever need? Truly with its Cuban inspired flavours and delectable dishes on offer from the sloppy joe empanadas and cheesy jalapeno fries to mojo-rubbed pork belly and chorizo fried rice, but be sure to top off this flavour adventure with their banana bread and rum custard because it’s utterly delicious and shouldn’t be missed! Once you’ve devoured your dinner – and trust us there’s no doubt you will – head out to the courtyard for a festive hangout with friends both old and new.