December keeps throwing the festivities our way, and even the simplest outings require a killer outfit! So, whatever your festive look maybe, we thought we’d throw a few fabulous go-to looks your way and don’t pout sugars there’s a little something for everyone whether you’re looking to be naughty, or trying to make a last-minute ditch to get onto Santa’s nice list.

The grunge baby

Does the excessive use of glitz, sparkle and tinsel make your skin crawl? Well then this ones for you. We’re paying homage to the ultimate cool girl look in something on the slightly more casual side of the fashion tracks. Let your inner grunge baby doll out and throw on a simple white tee, punk-flavoured vinyl or ripped denim miniskirt and some studded black gladiators, adding some subtle sparkle in the form of some bold earrings or a kilowatt highlighter that makes your cheek bones glow.


If it was acceptable in the 80s, get it!

Relax ladies, we’re not promoting shoulder pads and lumo spandex! But a tuxedo dress? We’ll take it without a second thought, and you should too. Jazz up an all-black jumpsuit with some electric blue eyeliner and throw on the biggest, boldest pair of diamante earrings you can find and channel the 80s, just with a little more poise and polish darling!


Why yes extra is my middle name!

Oh NYE, the one night of the year that is the ultimate dream and nightmare all wrapped into one! The dream is the party of course, the nightmare is finding the right outfit, obviously. If you’re going to do a NYE dress, which we’re almost certain you will then you’ll want to make it count, right girls? Well the one (and it’s been the one since your grandma was hitting the clubs in the 1920s) is of course the sequin dress. The shape, style and cut hardly matters, if it is encrusted in full sparkly delight you’re winning.


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