Stitched together with threads of authenticity, individuality and quirkiness yet born and bred in the heart of South Africa, we have stumbled upon a genuine leather brand that has stolen our hearts and inspired our ever growing shoe collection.

Meet Blu Betty.

A genuine leather brand manufactured in the heart of Durban, Kwa Zulu-Natal. Offering their customers one of a kind pieces with the perfect touch of quirkiness.

Keeping the look and feel of their pieces authentic and organic, a classic inclusion of current trends, materials and technology truly sets this brand apart.

Offering gorgeous sandals, brogues, wallets, handbags and slides there is a piece for every personality.

Keeping there stocks limited means that when you order your own pair of Blu Betty shoes you are wearing a piece that not many will be as they prefer to be artisanal and not mass producers.

This loving local brand celebrates the richness of African classics utilising authentic elements to bring you one of a kind pieces that you will be proud to own.

Check out their to shop their exclusive collection and check out there Instagram page @blu_betty_sa for some of their standout pieces.