“I think the best outfit a man can wear is a simple black tuxedo” 
– Kat Sinivasan

Spoken like a true man of style, Kat Sinivasan took us through Tread+Miller’s store to show us that their footwear and accessories are the key elements for creating multiple looks with just one 3-piece suit particularly during the Festive and travel season.

In our conversation, Kat shared that during his climb to success, he continuously modified his look wearing one plain black suit. By alternating classic colour combinations and styles, sometimes being formal and at other times going for a more rugged aesthetic, he still remained consistently and indisputably smart. “How?” we asked. He guided us through it with the example of a navy blue 3-piece suit.

Kat began by outlining three potential scenarios where a gentlemen would dress up: a dinner, a black-tie event (such as a launch), and a garden party.

For a dinner, one would wear the blazer and trousers, no waistcoat and no tie, a shirt of any colour buttoned to the top and brown shoes with a belt to match.

“What type of shoes” we inquired? At this point he elevated from his seat in excitement to smile and declare, brogues . He said “brogues live forever. I am obsessed and I have so many pairs in different colours and shapes”

We then moved on to speak about how to wear a navy-blue suit to a black-tie launch event. Kat advised on the full 3-pieces, with a bow tie, a crisp shirt (perhaps white) and a pair of black shoes such as these smart genuine leather Arthur Jack Aberdeen slip-ons with a leather belt and wallet to match. Kat’s personal favourite, the bold patterned socks, which he likes to call “fun socks”, also give character to one’s ensemble when your socks peek out through you raised trousers as you’re seated.

At a garden party with a more casual atmosphere, Kat recommends that one keeps the waistcoat and the trousers (without a blazer), worn with a fabric/leather combination beltthat has a nautical feel paired with a Simon & Mary white Panama hat from Tread+Miller. In this instance we could get more, as Kat put it, “risqué” with shoe combinations by switching the shoe laces in your brogues or wearing a pair of sophisticated minimalist leather sandals , serving to enliven your outfit and save on luggage space.

Lastly, good quality clothing should be held in good quality bags, and Kat let us know that…

“Luggage is the most important part of travelling.”

If you are looking to treat yourself or if you are stumped about gift ideas for a man who is so well-put-together that he seems to have everything, a genuine leather Authur Jack Madrid roller bag is a classic favourite that he will be able to rely on for the many years of travel.

We take our hats off to Tread+Miller. Kat put it perfectly when he said, “see that’s why you’re going to love this store because all you need is your suit and then you can come here and get all your accessories and even change your shoe-laces as well.” Have the experience of treating yourself to a traditional gentlemen’s boutique by shopping in-store as we did or enjoy Tread+Miller’s timeless attire by selecting your favourites online. With your expert style guidance, travel safely and remain in your style.