Things are never as they seem. Never judge a book by its cover definitely has some valuable lessons stitched into it.

It goes to show as one quaint and rustic little eatery can be found in stark contrast to its surroundings.

Standing firm in the rustic industrial area of the Strand, one can find a warm haven of goodness nestled in the middle of it all.

As they say opposites attract and the stark difference between this picturesque eatery and its hard surroundings have allowed Pajamas & Jam to breath new life into the area.

Although spelt incorrectly , that’s the point, the Pajamas & Jam name has a lot of sentimental meaning attached to it.

Memories from a special Christmas Eve where handmade loungewear and homemade bottled jam were given. Later down the line as this beautiful little spot was set up the name came instantly to mind.

A place that smells just like home, welcomes you home and makes you feel like home is what Pajamas & Jam aims to make all of their customers feel.

If you are ever in the Mother City be sure to take a little trip down to the Strand and pop in to this little piece of heaven!