If you haven’t heard of Granadilla Swimwear, it’s highly possible you may have been living under a rock (with earplugs in). As seems to be a popular South African trend, two besties were hanging out on the beach in the Mother City when solar powered light bulbs went on. Or the way they tell it which is; ”you’re lying on a beach, perfectly cushioned on your soft towel. The sand has moulded to fit your body, just right. The sun is toasting your skin with the perfect recipe of a great SPF 20 and a layer of freshly dried salt water. Your eyes are shut, but you’re still very much aware of your surroundings on this pearler of a beach day.

Amongst the endless chatter of the other beach bodies, and the consistent crash of the waves, there is the distinct ping-pong of two mates playing bats. And then it happens. You hear a call that’s been calling since the start of beach culture in Cape Town. It’s so familiar and so friendly and so enjoyable that you will most definitely have it stuck in your head for the rest of the day, and won’t even be a little bit mad about it.

ICE-CREAM, COLD DRINK, GRANADILLA LOLLI!” And so Granadilla Swimwear is born, and has been dominating the swimwear scene for the past few years, with deliciously, decadent prints – from penguins to namesake granadilla lolli, there’s a pair for everyone! Not to mention that the wait for a ladies line is finally over, since Granadilla bikinis dropped last week.