The year is winding down more swiftly then we’d like to admit, and before you know it 2018 will have moved on from our doorstep and would’ve made its way inside and onto the couch, drinking a cup of tea! And as exciting as a new year is, we tend to panic about what trends will carry us through? Should I use that Christmas money for a classic LBD or pick up some extravagant bejewelled, tassel earrings? Well we’re here to help because we have the inside scoop and we’re sharing it with you!

The fabric to rule all fabrics will be flooding the shelves of our fave stores and taking over our social media feeds – Satin!

We have no doubt from the moment we tiptoe into the New Year that this lush fabric will be everywhere! So, feel free to throw that Christmas cash at this easy, sleek, shiny little thing called satin. Our pick though? The satin dress obviously, because truly is there anything more stunningly sultry than a satin dress? Not according to us there isn’t!

And lovelies please don’t shy away from colour here – soft pinks and bright marigolds are big news for the coming season, and while there will always be room for black there’s also always room for something new.


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