Joining forces with MRP, Kobie Nieuwoudt brings us a piece of art that is humorous, left to interpretation and one you need to include into your wardrobes today.

An illustrator and graphic designer by trade but an experimenter by nature. Aiming to give all of her artworks and illustrations a functional quality, Kobie Nieuwoudt breathes humour into the work that she creates.

Taking inspiration from music and audiobooks is a daily requirement for a productive day according to Kobie. Inspired by unconventional designs and illustrations, Kobie has meshed digital and traditional mediums to create her standout artwork and GIFS.

Tapping into the best of both worlds, Kobie Niewoudt has created a tee filled with a mix of images that one can interpret in there own way. From mythic to mysterious, humorous and spontaneous, humour is an essential part of life and kobie Niewoudt wouldn’t be Kobie if she didn’t incorporate it into her work one way or the other.

Get your hands on your own creation by her and leave the rest up to interpretation. Wear it tucked into boyfriend jeans or into a pretty mesh skirt.

Kobie Nieuwoudt’s tee is sold at select MRP stores and online at
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