If you have a specific niche, make sure you stick to it, because that’s ultimately what your main audience is there to see. Make sure you work with a team that is good at what they do, and also believe in and understand your vision. Create quality content. Let your looks and images be of great quality. ( Your work should entice YOU, before it entices anyone else)

    4. I own a Nikon D3200, but I don’t actually use it to shoot my content. I work with local photographers, and they shoot and edit my pictures for me. I love outdoor ‘street photography’. I just think its more interesting and far more intriguing to see.

    5. Oh my goodness, CANVA!!!!!! God bless the creators of Canva.

    6. Hmm, that’s a bit of a tough one. I’m inspired mostly by people in the ‘helping profession’, and not so much people in the fashion industry. I’d like to think that I’m a helper before I am a fashionista, so I look up to people like Marie Forleo, who is in the Life Coaching profession.

    7. My person style encompasses a bit of modesty, and a whole lot of chic. I’ve dubbed the term ‘corporate chic’ and this describes my style. I like being modest and elegant, in the most modern way.

    8. Listen, my favourite colour, is and may always be Grey! I’m currently working on being (dressing) a little more colourful, and moving away from the neutral colours. So far so good, but Grey remains my happy colour.

    9. My go to look comprises of a one piece. Whether it be a dress or a jumpsuit, a one piece is very easy, therefore is my general go to, for just about any occasion.

    Hi there.
    My name is Olerato Pharasi and I am a Brand and Image Coach by profession. I currently live in Port Elizabeth, but will be moving to the Mother City in a few weeks.

    I run a blog called Style by OP under my official business website (www.houseofop.com). Here I showcase my personal corporate chic work wear and also show ladies how to spruce up their basic work wear, as part of my coaching.

    2. Well, people are. I’m actually a Psychology and Sociology graduate, and a qualified Life Coach, so my main goal is to help transform people, mainly through imaging. Whether it be in their business/brand, or in their personal lives, my main objective is to bring about transformation in the most holistic way.

    3. Geez, this one is a tad bit tricky. When shooting looks, I would say: Make sure you’re wearing outfits you’re comfortable in. Ultimately, you’re endorsing whatever you’re wearing, so you have to actually like it

    10. Ohh, geez. Olerato?? Haha.I love how I dress. I love how I’ve figured out my body and what works for it. I’m not enticed by trends but rather by style, lasting style, so I’ll have to credit myself there, on being stylish.

    11. I have two. My dream collaboration (with a person) would be with Loren Lee Langenhoven from StyleByLoren . She’s absolutely gorgeous and thinks very similarly to me. Then my ULTIMATE brand collaboration would be with River Island. I’m a little obsessed with the clothing from River Island, ask them, they should know. (They’re tagged in just about every outfit post I put up.. And those are A LOT)

    12. My days are never the same. Some days I have clients to see or work with. Other days I’m shooting content for my blog. Other days I’m in and out of meetings. Other days I’m doing admin Etc etc. Currently, I’m working on a workshop I’ll be hosting in March. A bloggers and branding workshop, where I’ll be coaching on these two topics. That’s been crazy and I’m spending most of my time working on my content and workbooks.

    13. My go to beauty routine is your normal face wash, toner, day cream (night cream at night) with your usual primer and make up. I’m very minimalistic when it comes to my own make up and beauty routine. I’m generally very busy, so I don’t put in too much time into my prep. I do however have a personal make-up artist for blog shoots and events. She takes a lot more time to beautify me. Haha, so Mishka Amod is my go t o beautifier.

    14. Some of my dreams include, traveling to Europe with my younger brother. On his 18th birthday, or around that time, I’d love to take him to Europe for a week or so. I also would love to live in New York for a year or two and be mentored by Marie Forleo.
    Those are some crazy dreams ( considering the fact that my parents are extremely protective), but hey.. You know what they say, with God by your side, all things are possible ;))

    15. My British accent is a talent on its own. Honestly, I should’ve made a living off of my British accent somehow.

    16. Wow. 5 years from now, I’ll be 28. At this point in my life, that’s s bit of a scary thought, so I don’t think about that. Haha